‘H’ is for Heston

Heston having a cuddle

The hunt that comes to the local farm has some terrier men that help with the hounds at times and they have the feistiest but cutest little working border terriers you’ve ever seen.

They are battle scarred and packed with terrier energy and one of the bitches had  litter in the autumn.

hetson at holcombe

They are kennel registered and ‘Henry’ is one of the dog pups now living at the farm with the other reprobates there.

Another, ‘Hector’ has gone to a local family who know the farm because they ride some of the ponies.

The last one, ‘Heston’, whom I happen to think is the cutest of them all, (and the smallest) is now very much at home with my sister, niece and their grumpy old JRT Hamlet.

He was very wormy when he arrived and had no fat on him whatsoever.  He was just starting to fill out a bit so that his neck no longer made him look like a giraffe when he was struck by a sickness and diarrhoea bug.

It had set him back a bit and the vet seems to think the extent of his worms meant that he is likely to always have a bit of susceptible tummy but he is the most cute and entertaining little chap.

His energy levels seem endless and typical of a terrier, he will play or explore way beyond the point of being tired and will only give up when he finally flops.  Then he will sleep the sleep of the guiltless for what seems like days!!


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