a bright new day

glorious sunrise

The weather over the christmas and new year holidays has been mixed to say the least.

We have had snow, rain, fog and freezing temperatures that have given us a winter colder than any in a 100 years.  Quite a variety.

cloudy sun

Yesterday heralded a slight change and we have a glimpse of some very welcome sunshine to help start the new year off well.


There are many unkind things said about east anglia, and I would agree with a lot of them.

There is no denying, however, that there are the most amazing skies here, especially on the fens.

I’m not a native but have spent a lot of time here and interestingly, my dad used to paint these big fen skies long before he lived here.

It is a delight to see on an early morning walk

flying high

It has obviously stirred other residents apart from us as we saw a brave ballon taking to the skies.  That must have been an early start as the sun was barely up when we spotted it.

badger prints in the frozen ground

Other early risers, or should I say early to bed are the local badger population who would have been fast asleep by the time we got there.  We came across some new badger tracks at their sett.  Even the nocturnal badgers are pleased with the change and have ventured out to enjoy it.

main entrance to the badger sett

The freezing conditions have preserved their footprints in the mud making them very clear to see around the entrance to the sett.

ditch side entrance

Leading up to it, is very long section of open ground where there are lots of scrapes evidence of where they have been digging for food and you can even make out some of their dug out toilets on the edge of their territory.

They have filled in quite a few dykes in the area and they have undermined fields of crop as they seem to be getting greater in number.  This is a relatively new sett that neighbours the edge of another’s territory.

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