a play at the beach

big open skies and a deserted beach

There is nothing better than a lovely long walk on a beach in the spring time.  When you are all wrapped up against the still chilly weather but that very same chill gives an awakening freshness to the whole day.  I love it and could to it all day.

even wrestling is better on the beach

Our dog and my sisters 2 dogs agree and had the most fun a few weekends when we took them for a romp at Brancaster beach in north Norfolk.

and chasing each other is better

We all wandered along chatting, enjoying the view and the elements while the dogs wore themselves out wrestling, chasing, digging and retrieving.

and running

The brave little soles even ventured into the sea before retreating with a shiver, deciding it was a bit too cold to do it more than once and them running themselves warm again.

and more running

I can’t recommend it enough.

a treat!

Especially when it isn’t sunny enough to bring out the fair weather walkers and you get the place pretty much to yourself.


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