White Fang on the Kindle

My lovely husband bought me a kindle at christmas and although he thought it might be a risky gift, he should not have been concerned.

I have always been a reader, since the days that dad used to stand in front of the fire and red the next excerpt from Anna Sewell’s ‘Black Beauty’ to us before bed. We had the everyman library of classics at home but they only really got used if they were being read to us. My sis, brothers and niece are all avid devourers of the written word too.

My true passion for reading really only started in secondary school when my attention and imagination was completely captured by Harper Lee’s ‘to kill a mocking bird’ and Arthur C Clarke’s ‘2001 and space odyssey’ to name but a few.

I railed against Shakespeare but I have since read many more plays than I was asked to read at school. I now have a HUGE passion for it and have seen most of his plays at the theatre. If I get the opportunity to see the production of play I have not read, it is THE perfect reason to finally get around to reading it before the night of the play arrives.

I have downloaded all of shakespeare’s works to my kindle and will get around to each one at some point.

The Kindle has, surprisingly, meant that I read much, much more now than I ever got the chance to in print. It is convenient, light weight and I use it at every available opportunity. I can access at a glance references such as reading notes, thesaurus and the dictionary because I have downloaded them and can refer to them without dragging the weight of these books around with me.

It is fantastic!

I have a huge collection of reads waiting for me and I am often reading more than one book at a time (something I used to do with printed books). This enables me to combine a little ‘light’ entertainment with a piece of ‘serious’ literature). I may be accomplished at reading 2 books at a time but rereading books is not something that I have ever really been prone to doing. Now that I have relinquished the lushness and weight of paper for an electronic library, why not? A lot of them are free to download too.

I have just finished Jack London’s ‘White Fang’ which has been an incredible read. I categorically know that when I read this as a kid (along with ‘Call of The Wild’), it did not have anything like the affect it had on me this time around. I read it swiftly and was hugely moved by the story and the relationship it illustrates between treatment and behaviour be it people or a part dog part wolf.

I think I will start rereading lots more books now.


2 Comments on “White Fang on the Kindle”

  1. hd55 says:

    I too read as a child what I believed at the time to be the full version of Call of the Wild. Looking back it was an abridged version for children and I only realised when I downloaded the full version to read on my mobile phone. Its far darker and more detailed than I remember, and like you say, had a very different impact on me as an adult. One book that stayed with me was ‘My Side of the Mountain, by Jean George’. It leaves such strong, positive memories that I daren’t re-read it, for fear of disappointment!

    • chezlah says:

      I’ve just tried to download My Side of the Mountain but only the teaching notes are available on kindle at the moment but thanks for the comment and I will look out for the book, it sounds like a must.

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