rubbish red letter day

When we got married in 2009, work colleagues of JC’s gave us hundreds of pounds in vouchers from ‘red letter day’ with the full intention that we take a balloon ride through the amazing skies of lincolnshire or to enjoy the coast of north norfolk.

We had a mimi moon in norfolk and days out doing different things along with pottering about and we just didn’t get around to booking it immediately.

We moved back to london for work once our month long break had come to an end and somehow mislaid our vouchers.

Some time later they reappeared and were just out of their ‘sell by date’ so JC rang them to see what could be done but all with little success. I subsequently wrote to them explaining the circumstances and appealed to them to renew the vouchers for us. That was in March this year and I have neither had a courtesy acknowledgement of my letter nor an actual reply.

By my way of thinking, even if you don’t offer replacement vouchers, you should at least reply to the letter.  That is simply appalling customer service.




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