the trouble with technology

iphone 3g

I don’t have a lot of patience with technology.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I don’t like it, I just don’t know how to deal with it when it goes wrong. I don’t have those strange abilities that some people (I think we kindly refer to them as geeks) have. My lovely husband has a bit of a knack with tech although it doesn’t extend to really serious geekdome.

My patience with tech has been well and truly challenged over recent months and days as I’ve had quite a few trouble with my iPhone; It went pop one friday afternoon which meant a trip to the Genius Bar in Covent Garden only for it to suddenly start working again and appear to be perfectly fine even when a load of Genius diagnostics confirmed it was jiggered.

iphone 3g

It went pop again a few weeks later and was eventually condemned to death after more Genius diagnostics (another Bar visit).  Once I got over the trauma of the loss, I was a little excited to realise that the phoenix rising out of my loss (& parting with a lot of cash) would be a brand new iPhone,

green casing

My Sis and JC both say this never happens to anyone else; but when transferring my back up iPhone contents onto my new iPhone, I lost loads of information!! Notes completely disappeared, half of my contacts went, my diary entries were all over the place and some stuff was duplicated a gazzillion times. What is that all about?

Anyway, I tidied that up and the new iPhone is great but it has started it’s life in my possession with a few stressful experiences that are likely to dramatically affect it’s long term life expectancy (and it isn’t 3 months old yet!).

It has been dropped down the loo twice (note to self, stop putting it in back pocket of jeans especially jeans with tiny weeny back pockets)!  The first time it popped out of my back pocket as I was preparing to drop my drawers and spun tantalisingly on the edge of toilet seat before disappearing into the porcelain pool.  My jack flash reactions saved the day and it seemed not remotely affected by the incident.

Bath time, however, happened again on Friday!! (you have to bear in mind that this particular friday I had already been completely traumatised by having to bath my diahhorea coated dog because he thought it was a good idea to roll in a specimen he discovered in the bushes. Don’t ask?) So when it happened this time, my stressed pea brain had no jack flash reactions and I in fact just stood there going ‘oh no, oh no!’ before I realised that a rescue mission was required & I dipped my hand into the cold clear water to retrieve it.

Imagine my relief when it didn’t need resuscitating and seemed to be working fine!

I think I was lulled into a false sense of relief, and it suddenly started suffering from shock, it became unresponsive, erratic and then just did random things on it’s own! Some wise advise handed to me by my great friend Kate when I did this the last time, came to mind so my iPhone has been recouperating in lock-and-lock filled to the rim with rice. It enjoyed the warmth of the sun over the weekend and had a couple of cautious outings which seemed to prove the theory and it was working fine!!

basmati, lock & lock and an iphone

I woke to an iPhone flat lining in tupperware on Monday morning; absolutely no response to anything.

I so set off for (another) early afternoon visit to the Genius bar (!!) where it was dissected, prodded and inspected then condemned as irretrievably water damaged. I can’t manage without it!! I would need to replace it!!  Nooooo!!! Then it dawned on me that I am due a free upgrade with my O2 contract and I decided to take my deceased iPhone home for a decent burial. I bought a cheap granny phone to get by with and waited for my freeby.

night night iPhone

I’m really not making this up…….. but as soon as I got home the phone leapt back into life albeit the vital signs were a bit weak.

With nothing to lose, I dissected the phone myself and tucked it up in a Lock and Lock boudoir full of rice. Every morning I have taken it out and given it a bit of gentle exercise, then every night it has gone back to it’s Basmati bed……

I’ve worked on apple mac’s since the 80s (oh how I wish I had kept my apple classic!) and wouldn’t thank you for a pc (I hadn’t even touched on until last year!); I remember a claim by them from a long time ago that if you dunked one of their keyboards in water (just water) and let it dry out, it would be none the worse for wear.  I think their claim might be well founded.  My iPhone seems none the worse for it’s dampening experience.

Water + iPhone / Lock & Lock + Rice = working iPhone + spare