the shooting season

'I'm ready!'

we go on a particular pheasant shoot every year at the end of the year and although these things are not for every one, there is no doubting the beauty of the surroundings that we find ourselves in.

It is under the feet of the white horse outside of Thirsk and it is stunning. We have been on this particular shoot about 5 times now and we have never been disappointed with the weather.

We have had snow and glorious sunshine, atmospheric fog and pure bright sunlight.

This time was no exception. Apart from a brief but freezing downpour, we had another glorious day.

off they go

One of the things that I love most about the day is watching the beaters, picker uppers and the dogs particularly, working.  They are a nice bunch and we know them pretty well now.

One particular picker upper has a ‘pack’ of dogs that seems to increase in number every time we see them and this year he is up to 6 in total.

Unlike our own mutt, who is now referred to as ‘that bloody terrier’ having disgraced himself last year by taking off towards a cover of pheasants (I have to jump to his defence at this point as he wasn’t heading for the cover at all but had sniffed out a pricked pheasant and was simply ‘tidying up’), these 6 working dogs are immaculately well behaved.  He has such a gentle but complete control over them, it is nothing but impressive.

To further defend the terrier and increase our love of the people on this shoot, we were introduced to a lovely young lad and a lovely small and very lively terrier in the line up of beaters.  He tended to be a bit wayward occasionally but was earning his reputation as a worthy contributor to the line of beaters.

There are some lovely dogs and some lovely people and it is somewhat vindicating to hear the occasional shout from these semi professionals to their marvellous working dogs of ‘come here!’ rather loudly and not without a hint of frustration.

I really could watch them all day.


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