the one that got away

I’ve talked about this before and I am very aware that it is not to everyone’s taste, but we shoot game and we do it because it is challenging, it takes us to some wonderful places and it puts food on our table.

Not only does it put food on our table but we do it ourselves and face the difficulties that come with the decision to kill our own food. There is an honesty to it that I find acceptable in the pursuit of what is considered by most to be an unattractive sport.

casual pheasant (bottom right)

We were on a shoot recently, where I was very much amused to see a very nonchalant pheasant wandering about in the background of a line of guns on that very day.

There was definitely an air of caution about how it was sneaking around in the background, and it certainly looked at one point like it was saying to itself “there’s nothing to see here’ out of the corner of it’s mouth as it sidled off into the woodland.

This is in stark contrast to the fate of others as can be seen in the following shots.

a direct hit

these birds are often dead long before they hit the ground

beautiful and graceful even when falling

It isn’t nice to witness but a clean kill is good to see and everything we shoot gets eaten.  I don’t agree with it if all it is to you is sport. I won’t kill if I am not capable or inclined to clean, prepare and eat what it is whether that is a fish, pheasant, a pigeon, a deer, a mushroom or berries from the woods.



2 Comments on “the one that got away”

  1. hd55 says:

    These are very good, if challenging, photos. I agree with the sentiments entirely and there is something very satisfying about doing a job well. I feel quite strongly that anyone who chooses to eat meat should face the facts that accompany this decision, in the same way I fully respect the choice not to eat meat. Great photos and an interesting blog.

    • chezlah says:

      thank you.

      I’m so pleased to get an appreciative comment about the blog, especially about that entry which could have been met with very different responses (and my still do yet).

      have just starting following your lovely blog and will be back. Hope to hear from you soon too.

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