spring bulbs

moss covered hyacinth bulb in a cup and saucer

One of my close friends, Vicki had a birthday this week and after all the present buying for Christmas, it is sometimes difficult to find ideas for an event so soon afterwards.

I found these lovely vintage tea cups and saucers planted up with bulbs last year but missed my chance then. This year, however, I made sure I got around to it in time and here they are.

hyacinth bulb peaking through the moss

Vicki’s gift is a hyacinth in a rose decorated vintage tea cup and saucer. She has a delightful workroom in her house which I admit to begin incredibly envious of. It is lovely and understated with white bent wood furniture and lovely clean white surfaces.

I love the smell of hyacinths and I hope, when it flowers, it is a white one to go with the decor but whatever colour it is, I know the smell will add to the lovely atmosphere in Vicki’s workroom.

narcissi in a cup and saucer

The thing I like particularly about these is what you can do when the bulbs have died back and need to be put away in the dark until next time:  You can use them, because you are left with a pretty bone china cup and saucer for your very favourite tea. I wish I could find a tea plate to complete the ensemble and to hold the all important biccies!

narcissi in a pair of cup and saucers

My only mistake with these is that I don’t have one myself!!


One Comment on “spring bulbs”

  1. Vicki says:

    It is beautiful and a perfect gift that will give lots of pleasure.

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