lovely grub

hot chocolate love

I was in Borough Market last week looking at a new premises for a client. I was treated to a luxuriously creamy and tasty hot chocolate in our subsequent meeting in Le Pain Quotidien on Winchester Walk. With my appetite wetted for all that the market has to offer, I made the most of my walk back to London Bridge station and did some shopping!!

london rye bread

I could have gone mad on cured meats, olives, cheeses, baked goods and almost anything else you might want to out in your shopping bag but I limited my purchases to some wild beef, london rye bread and some natas (a particular favourite of my lovely husbands).


I hope the client takes the premises because I will get to make a weekly pilgrimage to this fabulous part of my adopted home as well as the chance of lunch with one of the girls lucky enough to be working there.


2 Comments on “lovely grub”

  1. thewienertakesitall says:

    Sorry, me again-had to say I love Borough Market!! When you go back, look for an amazing stall that sells chicken wraps-they are incredible. Last time I went it was really sunny, and me and my friends strolled around with white wine spritzers -anywhere that encourages casual daytime drinking is in my good books 😉

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