working potential


Our little terrier comes with us most places and shooting is no exception. He stays on a peg with shivering anticipation and definitely watches mine or JC’s that have been shot.  He won’t retrieve but he will find them even if they have trotted off somewhere and wo betide any other dog that tries to get ‘his’ bird.

We’ve pretty much given up on him being a dog that picks up, this season didn’t herald any great changes there; Terriers don’t really have the mouth for it but we had always hoped.

We do, however, still harbour some hope that he will become a half decent beating dog.


It hadn’t occurred to us until reading and article in the shooting times about terriers like Ian Botham’s that retrieves from his lake or other articles in the field and shooting gazette where terriers are used for retrieving and beating, that he may be useful for beating at shoots. Just to reinforce the thought, we recently met a lad with a terrier on a shoot who has lots of success with his little dog even if he is sometimes a bit too enthusiastic.

Whenever we walk on the farm, our terrier manages to flush out birds that are laid low or hiding in the crops etc.  I’ve seen him pursue one that was trying to get away and he gets them flying every time.

He could be a handy beating dog as long as he doesn’t get too far ahead and turn the birds back, of course.  Something to work at I think.

I know there's something in there

as for rabbiting, well…..


there’s a certain element of caution attached to the entrances into the warren………


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