let it snow…..

early sunday am

I have lots to say about it but lets start with the undeniable claim that there is something rather charming about snow…..

silence on a snow covered street in north london early on a sunday

especially snow early in the morning and it doesn’t matter whether you are in the depths of the country or the depths of the city…..

I am often out walking the dog before daylight (madness I hear you say) but the quiet is fabulous.

there must be something in there!!

What is surprising though is just how many souls have been out before you, the evidence of which is generally not visible….. until it snows.

well it doesn't taste of anything!

The snow kills the sound and brings a wonderful light to everything so even a quiet little street in north london takes on romantic and pretty proportions.

picnic benches in the park

Trees change shape, light becomes lighter, there is an enormous amount of definition….

the ordinary becomes extraordinary….

the mundane becomes intoxicatingly beautiful…

and there are snowmen!!!! yay!!!!!!


One Comment on “let it snow…..”

  1. Vicki says:

    So beautifully captured.

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