it’s oh so cold

frosted poplars

I really didn’t expect to see anymore snow after last weekend and I certainly wasn’t expecting the temperatures to plummet quite as low as they have!

We are at our little house in east anglia this weekend which is boasting -16 degree temperatures today and it certainly felt that cold when we were out walking this morning.

striding off into the foggy distance

There was a slight breeze that made for interesting movement on laden trees and rushes.  The freezing temperatures through the night have added a layer of icing sugar onto everything that was already covered in snow and it has a real wonderland appearance; like any image you have in your head of Narnia.

Dark areas in woodland are illuminated with the light reflecting off the snow that has managed to make it’s way in there and although we were walking in frozen fog today there was a promising glow from the rising sun.

rushes laden with snow and frost

I remember the weather getting this bad as a kid but we must have enjoyed some very mild winters because it is news worthy now and it certainly seems to catch us unawares.

We managed to wear the dog out so much so that he has slept all day and couldn’t be convinced to take his second walk; very unusual. I suspect a roaring open fire had quite a bit to do with his reluctance.


setting sun over a freezing day

The sun’s appearance eventually cleared the fog and our surroundings have slowly sloughed off their ice white coating but the snow has not gone yet and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring: If the sunset is anything to go by, it will be glorious!


3 Comments on “it’s oh so cold”

  1. hd55 says:

    I noticed the trees ‘rattling’ in the breeze today; quite unusual

  2. Fantastic photographs. I’m very jealous of your skills!

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