too many freaks……..

too many freaks not enough circuses

our friends Mark and Vicki bought this fabulous picture (great find V!!) for JC’s birthday last year from a maker on folksy. It is a lovely combination of artistic talent and recycling. It hangs at the bottom of our stairs which are open onto our dining room.

It is a great talking point but never has it’s message been more appreciated than one Friday night recently, when after supper (and just a few glasses of wine), we (husband, sis & I) started reminiscing about our favourite tunes. Needless to say it involved the 80s, the 90s, more wine and some questionable dance moves.

My teenage niece, who was with us (but not drinking wine, I hasten to add) doesn’t seem to be very appreciative of, or feel any benefit from our delighted reliving of all things good and musical from our younger years. She neither contributed to or supported our singing efforts and awesome dancing skills!! (as you can imagine).

I’d go so far as to say that she wasn’t remotely impressed and generally spent the whole night either nodding towards the afore mentioned picture in a meaningful way or making disparaging comments on FB about it. She was actually irritated which just fuelled our delight in our endeavours and we found that even funnier than any of the dodgy tunes.

It was weeks ago and we are still talking about it and that is because it was clearly THAT GOOD!!


2 Comments on “too many freaks……..”

  1. pearlbarley says:

    One day it will all become clear and you will witness the dawning of understanding and appreciation, no doubt. But until that day it is your job to keep dancing, etc!

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