couple by alan stone

we were very fortunate to get some money at Christmas. Along with this, wedding gift money and some that we put aside every month or so, we are slowly investing in interesting pieces of art that we like.  None of them are real collector’s items but we love them and think they are perfect for our home.

couple by alan stone

We have seen Alan Stone’s work before in the art gallery shop in Barnard Castle but we finally got around to buying the piece we have been admiring for quite a while.

It is called ‘couple’ and is now hanging on the chimney breast in the dining room of our house in the fens. It seems perfect to use money that has been given to both of us or as part of wedding gift. Ironically, however, although the piece depicts a couple of trees, with a couple of rooks in them and we are a couple, the setting is a steep hillside not unlike those where we both come from but nothing remotely like our home in London or the area in which our house sits which is below sea level on the fens and is flatter than flat!


2 Comments on “couple”

  1. ericrynne says:

    Very cold feeling I get from these!

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