a bark bigger than his bite

a little snooze in front of the fire

Max is generally an easy, trouble free little dog.

He’s not a yapper or a whiner. He doesn’t destroy things or chew the furniture. He loves his sleep and is generally very well behaved. I really believe we were lucky when we got him and he came with some good base doggy material for us to work with.


One thing he is though, is a bit of a scardy cat (!!??!!).  He jumps at loud noises, is more than a bit nervous around big black dogs (that’s a whole other blog post!) and is quite noisy when he is spooked.

If someone creeps up alongside him on the other side of the fence when we are walking in the park, he leaps about 3 feet to the side and is generally ready to flee – until he knows it is safe not to!!!  Once impending death is not longer a serious concern, he decides to give his little terrier lungs a bit of a work out.

it's not a cuddle, I'm look out!

Oh my!! How can a small dog produce the kind of bark that belongs to some savage devil wolf dog that is COMPLETELY out of proportion.

Our poor postman must think we keep a great dane or a giant schnauzer when the sound of  letter coming through the letterbox solicits the same volume as the surprise in the park.

Chezlah & I love my neckerchief but JC doesn't!

I have to say that it doesn’t bother me, he rarely makes use of this enormous voice he has but it is invariably accompanied by a stiff legged stotting bounce that makes me double up with laughter.

He’s a complete star and delights us every day whether it is with a big bark, a lovely cuddle or a well executed trick.


One Comment on “a bark bigger than his bite”

  1. Liz says:

    He is his father’s son

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