little blue ball

just out of reach


mine all mine

We were away this weekend for a very much needed break but also because it was JC’s birthday.

When asked what JC wanted to do or where he wanted to go, I think it was easy – the norfolk coast.

Any time that we get to escape to the beach it is a treat for us all really. I love it, JC loves it and Max, our JRT loves it too.

Watching him tear about the sand after a ball or a bird (Max that is – although JC has been known) is great entertainment and just the tonic we need.

It was quite windy over the weekend and the ball seemed to travel a bit further than usual but, oh what fun!

Who would think that a small piece of bouncy rubber painted blue would hold the potential for such joy?

I sometimes think Max would retrieve it time and again until he was completely spent.

We usually have his favourite treats to give to him as incentive to fetch his ball but this time we didn’t have them and he seemed to need no kind of encouragement and just kept going time after time.

Eventually he got sand in his poor little eyes which has meant a trip to the vet before so, much to Max’s reluctance, we headed back to the car and off away from the beach.

All being well, we will be back again soon!


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