a day in fairyland


a day in fairy land

I have a wonderful book that my mum gave me, it is about fairies and it was given to her by my grandad on his return from the 2nd world war.

It is an enormous thing measuring about 350mm x 465mm, more like a presentation than a book to be read at bed time but it is a thing of loveliness.

berry picking

It sits on a shelf in our dining room and it was only when doing a little rearranging lately that I remembered it was there. I flicked through the pages and was reminded of just how interesting it is.

I decided to research it on the internet to discover that it is quite rare and may be of some value. It even has a you tube video showing the plates to music for those not fortunate to have a copy at their disposal.

fairy ring

The dust sheet is still in tact albeit a bit tatty but the pages inside are near perfect and the plates have kept their intense colour beautifully.

a fairy lunch

I don’t remember having it read to me, I think it was kept out of harms reach but I do recall poring over the pages myself at the kind of age when fairies and the like were more in my mind than they would be now.

Even though I am no longer that little person who believes in fairies, goblins and magic, I still like the concept of such fun and the mystery of magical creatures.  I still love to read thing like ‘the lion the witch and the wardrobe’, ‘harry potter’, ‘his dark materials’ and I find this book also lovely to read. The size surprisingly adds to its appeal.

fairy celebrations

It’s a bit of a shame that we lose the innocence and stop believing in these wonderful things once we grow up.


20 Comments on “a day in fairyland”

  1. hd55 says:

    Childhood is a magical time for many of us. I remember reading over and over again ‘The Little Grey Men’ by ‘BB’. It, like your book, takes you to another world that ‘exists’ alongside our own…a word to get lost in. As an adult sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a detail, maybe a moss covered rock or root, a rabbit hole, a burbling brook and the magic comes back. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Lily Wight says:

    Reblogged this on Lily Wight and commented:
    A thing of loveliness indeed!

  3. Marian gage says:

    I too had a copy of this book and used to pore over the pictures. My favourite fairy was the one with a rainbow dress who was walking a caterpillar on a lead. Unfortunately my copy disappeared over the years, like alot of my toys and books , but I have never forgotten this wonderful book.

    • chezlah says:

      I had forgotten that I had it but am so pleased to have found it again. It’s beautiful isn’t it? My mum had forgotten about it too so I’m taking it home soon to let her see it again. I’m sure it will be a mix of joy and sorrow as my grandad is no longer with us.

  4. donna.p.johnson@gmail.com says:

    We have the same book in our family it was bought for my mum in 1945 and will remain oin our family forever it is a thing of beauty

  5. Marian says:

    I’ve just bought this book on eBay, and was lucky to get it for £43. My sister was given 2 as presents , so I got one. I don’t think I was 5, so it must have been 1952 or so. Mine disappeared 40 years ago, and I’ve wanted a replacement. The book is just so beautifully illustrated, and I remembered the little elf pushing the wheelbarrow with the blueberry wheel in particular, and of course the spectacular dance on the end page. Anyone who wants the book, keep an eye on eBay, for I’ve seen a few turn up there.

    • chezlah says:

      Hi Marian

      I was surprised to see them on ebay when they are so expensive to buy through book sites (condition dependent of course!!).

      Glad you are in possession of this delightful book again! Enjoy!

  6. Liselotte Alfredsson says:

    I love the book and i got my second one today. i got them in english and swedish. im going to have them above my bed. im 45 and thats maybe childish but they are beautiful. hope you all find yourself a book.

  7. Gay Liddington says:

    I was just speaking to my friend who was given this book as a child. It’s now a bit tatty but has made me a copy to give to my first grandchild who will be born in the next couple of weeks. The important things in life live on. Gay xx

  8. Samantha Harle says:

    I’ve just literally stumbled across a copy of this beautiful book at a house clearance yard, and had it given to me, the day after taking my daughter for a woodland walk and ending up having an impromptu lovely fairy hunt which she thoroughly enjoyed. This book must have wanted me to find it! I’m mesmerised by its amazing illlustrations and my daughter is going to be truly enchanted by it when she comes home from school for find her ‘present from fairyland’. I had no idea that it was collectible. We’ll be keeping the magic with us, though!

  9. Linda Riley says:

    I just acquired this beautiful book at a estate sale. The one I have has a blue binding. It is a hard cover and very old. The pictures and illustrations are just magical! Mine is written on the front cover “To Linda with Love, from Leroy”. The cover both front and back have some water damage and is not in very good shape, but the inside pages are in great condition. I will be selling it on ebay, but have no idea what it would sell for. The illustrations would be beautiful framed.

    • chezlah says:

      It’s gorgeous isn’t it but it would be a real shame it it didn’t stay as a book. They are quite valuable in the right condition

  10. Jennifer O'Riordan says:

    Like Marian’s, my copy of this lovely book disappeared over the years.
    It was given to me in the early 1950s and inscribed in the hand of my uncle ‘To Jennifer With Love From Auntie Elsie and Uncle Dennis’.
    I have often wondered what became of this treasure. However, I recently spotted one on a photograph of a room in a House Beautiful magazine and was surprised to see they are still around.
    Subsequent searches have shown the dozen or so still available are selling at very high prices so am pleased to learn they occasionally turn up on ebay. I will look there, but if anyone recognises the above inscription I would be grateful if you would contact me.
    Thank you.

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