wildlife photographer of the year

"taking flight" flamingos on a salt lake by Paul Goldstein

every year the wildlife photographer of the year comes to the natural history museum and it is a must see.

"the charge" by Eric Pierre

being a bit partial to some wildlife photographer myself even it we are talking totally different leagues, it makes my appreciation of it far greater I think.

"snow hare" by Benjam Pontinen

Some shots are so incredibly difficult to get.  Equipment isn’t as key as patience and sometimes a huge amount of luck.

"illusion" by Stefano Unterthiner

that is not to say that each one of the incredible images that we saw in the recently finished 2011 winners exhibition wasn’t technically incredible and that technical skill truly comes into it, it’s just that sometimes luck gives you the hand you need to make the difference.

"territorial strut" by Ross Hoddinott

some of the images come into the category of under 14s which always blows my mind.  HOW? when someone is so young, do they manage to achieve such brilliance when it should be the domain of the greatly experienced?

"fading beauty' by david maitland

These photographs which I took of the postcards we brought home that depict some of our favourites from the show do them no justice what so ever and the originals really must be seen to appreciate just how fabulous they are.


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