dog eared

hamlet and max

On the beach at Brancaster recently, we were buffeted by some pleasant but strong spring winds which raised an ear or two rather than an eyebrow!

facing into the wind

Our JRT Max has normal ears as a rule, but they took on a new and different life of their own when the breeze caught the tips, filled them up and flicked them upright.


Trotting along having retrieved his ball didn’t help and in fact made it much worse (but very funny!).

running back to JC

We’ve seen his ears poking up before when he is speeding along and it makes him look like a completely different little dog but the weekend’s wind made it an almost permanent feature for him.


One of his favourite doggy friends is my sister’s wonderful and very dandy JRT, Hamlet whose ears show permanent signs of shock. He started puppy life with normal ears too but eventually they pinged upright and never laid down again.

pointy ears and a jaunty bend in the tail

It gives Hamlet a distinguished foxy look which is quite endearing but Max just looks completely silly!

had enough now!

We are home now and all has returned to normal and the ears have stayed down! Thank goodness but Hamlets gorgeous ears are still upright and we love him heaps for it!!

hamlet! (taken by my sis on a weekend away - liz elcoate)


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