nuts, whole hazelnuts!

on the way home for the first time

There are 2 bits on Max’s anatomy that get him into trouble, not a lot of trouble but enough.

They make him stop and sniff every few inches (much to the annoyance of JC in particular), they make him squeeze the tiniest bit of wee out of his lovely little self even when he must be as dry as a husk.

Two of his doggy friends Mischa & Sky get more of his attention than the ball they are all happy to chase when they come into season than they normally do but he never really makes a sex pest of himself.

He even walks with an in tact black Labrador called Bosley and although Max takes advantage of Bosley’s extremely gentle nature, they never really conflict and are always pleased to see each other.

worse than all that; these bits get him attacked A LOT.

how can you resist those eyes

He has been picked up, nipped and terrified by one particular rottweiler in our local park more times than you can shake a stick at and now whimpers behind your legs if he sees the perpetrator of these numerous crimes or in fact any larger black dog, he has been tumbled by a charging boxer and bitten by a number of staffies even when he was as young as 12 weeks old!

We recently found out that most dog-on-dog attacks are because the dog being attacked is in tact and any sweet natured dog that has all his bits and bobs is fair game to the dominant aggressive dogs.

THAT factoid right there was what sold the idea of castration to me in the end. I hadn’t been at all keen otherwise.

doing a good job of guarding the vino


Apart from the possibly of a bit of weight gain, some reduction in muscle tone and the obvious concerns surrounding the anaesthetic, the benefits of castration seem to outbalance the disadvantages:-

he can walk unmolested by other in tact dogs (fingers crossed)

he will not get prostate cancer

he will not get testicular cancer

he may still try to squeeze every drop out of his body but not at every step

he is less likely to develop the semi incontinence that lots of in tact dogs do after the age of about 6 years

his interest in Mischa and Sky will be limited to the ball they all chase after and no longer involve ‘kisses’


he would still be our wonderful little mate

finding interesting smells just about anywhere

Armed with all this interesting information, we gave him his last supper on Monday night and he went in for his operation on Tuesday morning.

I don’t mind admitting my anxiety, the obvious one being the risk from the anaesthetic so I was mighty relieved (having been put on hold while the vet was called – standard procedure I gather but my heart was already breaking) to be told he was fine and we could pick him up.

The small incision in the base of his (shaved) penis is very tidy and although his testes are still in place, they will slowly reduce in size until they are just about gone (I think that is officially referred to as shrivelling up!).  It all seemed so simple and we were so happy to see him again.

Our relief at having him safely home was short lived as he wouldn’t eat (normal), was very sleepy (normal) but didn’t stop vomitting. He vomitted over and over and over again until he was in serious danger of becoming very dehydrated. If he moved from his bed he vomitted, if you moved from the sofa he vomitted, if he wandered into the garden for a wee he vomitted, if he had a drink he vomitted… and so it went on.

sleepy head

Obviously we marched (well carried!) him straight back to the vet the following morning and he was promptly injected (again), this time with an anti nausea drug and was prescribed rehydration crystals.

I am happy to report, however, that after a few days our lovely wee boy is now back to his normal fun self and I couldn’t be more relieved!


2 Comments on “nuts, whole hazelnuts!”

  1. hd55 says:

    I feel for him! Glad things are looking up now 🙂

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