dr brandt

anti ageing mattifying lotion

I have never recommended or endorsed any product in the past but I am so impressed with Dr Brandt Pores No More that I really want to share my discovery.

I have spent years, and a considerable amount of money, on various products having had them recommended by a magazine article, friend or beauty therapists.

Recently, I spent about £40 on 50ml of Dr Brandt’s Pores No More Anti Aging Mattifying Lotion on the recommendation from a publication (something like the free Stylist magazine that I pick up in my travels around London every week). The reason I was particularly drawn to it was the claims that it controls oil and shine, reduces the signs of ageing and refines pores.

That’s a pretty comprehensive list of claims and impressive if there were to be any foundation to those claims!

I have oily / combination skin that is also sensitive. I have the classic ‘T’ zone oily area with my cheeks and others areas being relatively dry and quite sensitive. I also tend to show redness from stimulants like heat, cold, alcohol, caffeine & windy weather.

So, with a demanding list of issues to be resolved, I wasn’t any more hopeful for the success of this product. Since I am now seeing signs of pores enlarging, the redness is much worse than it used to be and lines are starting to creep in I figured anything was worth as shot to see what I could do to combat their potential rapid progress.

The first thing I noticed about the lotion is the lovely herby smell that it has, it is definitely non greasy and just feels silky and lovely. It doesn’t reduce the redness but it is smooth, applies well and has non of the clogging feeling some creams leave on the skin. It has also proven to be a great base for makeup.

pores no more cleanser

Encouraged by the immediate and obvious benefits of no shine and it not being greasy, I have also invested in the cleanser, pore refiner & now also the vacuum blackhead cleaner. I believe in products designed to be used together being used together.

To my great delight what is even better than the anti ageing mattifying lotion is the pore refiner; it is applied after moisturing and/or makeup and shows immediate changes…the skin is matted and smoothed and feels soft, smooth and lovely immediately.

pore refiner

I was away for the easter weekend and had to use other stuff for four days and having become accustomed to Dr Brandts Pores No More over the previous weeks, it was a wholly unsatisfactory experience leaving my skin feeling clogged and greasy.

I am a complete convert.

vacuum cleaner extractor

To add to the joys of this discovery, the Strawberrynet.com website from where I bought it, sends a free gift out to new customers and postage is free!  My experience with Strawberrynet.com was superb. After a sticky start when the package arrived with customs charges, I contacted them and I was immediately reimbursed for the charges and my dealings with the team in sales were fab.

It isn’t a cheap skincare solution and I will have to wait until next pay day to get any more of their amazing products but I will be buying more.


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