scratch and sniff

one very pink and itchy little dog in his favourite sleeping position

The ‘furry one‘ is very allergic! We think he is allergic to lots of stuff but we know he is horribly allergic to dust mites, house mites and storage mites all of which live along side us humans (mostly without being noticed).

He is a pink skinned dog with white hair that means he is more prone to this than perhaps other colours and he lives inside with us which is really the worst bit and the main reason.  If he was living out in the cold without heating and bedding and carpets and duvets, he would probably be fine.

Unfortunately he’s not fine and it means he will be on some kind of medication for it for life.

He gets pink sore patches and he itches and scratches a lot. It is awful to see when it is particularly bad.

We are trying immunotherapy at the moment but are starting the think that this is not quite for us and will change to something much more holistic.

My last post about Max listed all the reasons that we had him castrated, but one that we didn’t mention was how irresponsible it would be to breed from him because of this.

Regardless of him being adorably funny and friendly, this horrible physical allergy would very likely to be passed on just as much as his lovely personality traits would. It wouldn’t be fair and it wouldn’t be responsible.

It doesn’t matter that I think he is brilliant and should be the dad of all small dogs!


3 Comments on “scratch and sniff”

  1. fostrickson says:

    Our Golden Retriever also suffers from allergies, but they don’t know what he’s allergic too. He is constantly itchy.

    • chezlah says:

      I really feel for you, it is a horrible thing to see them suffer.

      Has your vet run blood tests to establish what the allergy is or are they all inconclusive? My friend swears by homeopathy for animals and has used a general allergy treatment with great effect for one of her dogs in the past.

      • fostrickson says:

        They haven’t because they said it’s too broad a spectrum. We have tried a few natural remedies, but all have failed miserably. 😦

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