a doggy diet

doggy menu at the orange tree in thornham

Because the furry one is allergic to duct mites and the like, we put him on a raw food (or barf) diet hoping it might mean we could stop his skin getting worse and perhaps it would help.

We tried mincing raw meats and mixing them with eggs and veg, we tried buying barf food from the internet and we tried other sources of raw dog food but Max just didn’t take to it.

The kibble we used to buy was as a natural and low in salt as you could find but it still didn’t do what we hoped that a raw diet would do so we went back to the drawing board and started trying beef and lamb again to see if he really didn’t like raw meat or if it was just how we were presenting it to him that wasn’t working.

Through at bit of perseverance we did discover that Max doesn’t like garlic, celery or any other aromatic vegetable and he doesn’t like his meat minced but he does like meaty chunks and he doesn’t mind the veg (oh if I must!!) and now gobbles up his tasty chunks of meat with mushed up carrots, beans or broccoli!

a rabbit leg

One of the thing that he loves that helped convince us to persevere is dried liver (which are his training treats) and the odd chicken wing that he sometimes has as a mid evening treat (equivalent to our glass of wine at the end of the day I like to think!).  He has a treat in the form of the odd rabbit/pigeon that he/we catch/shoot too just for a bit of variety.

a leg

So now, he has a completely raw diet except for the dried chicken or lambs livers that we do for him. It means that he needs less in quantity but we do supplement it with canine multivitamins and some yumega oil for his coat and skin just to help.

Since he was ‘done’ he has become a much more greedy little mutt. He didn’t used to be that bothered about food; it was more about fuel and sometimes he would leave it.  Now it gets hoovered up and he is always hopeful of more. Problem with that change though, is that now his body isn’t concentrating on producing all those male dog hormones, it is concentrating on his stomach and that stomach is getting bigger!!!

a chicken foot

He scavenges when we are in the park much more and is quite naughty about it so that combined with his new found interest in all things cuisine, we have had to reduce his general level of intake.

It’s a bit of work preparing and measuring or slicing and drying but we’d like to think it is worth it and since he now has to eat a little less to keep him in good shape, it’s a lot cheaper!!!

In more ways than one, it seems to be paying off.