house guests


We have had the pleasure of a house guest for the last 2 weeks and are quite bereft to see him leave.

His name is Hamlet although no one calls him that. He is about 11 years old; but we aren’t sure.  He is completely bonkers; but we absolutely love him. He belongs to my sister and only answers to the name ‘Puppy’!


I suspect that being called puppy all this time is one of the things that has kept him fit and spritely and not at all a dog of 11 years.

He has featured large in Max’s young life as he was the first dog Max met outside of his litter.

‘Pups’ has taught Max a little respect for his elders but he hasn’t managed to kerb Max’s enthusiasm or make him grumpy. ‘Pups’ is definitely grumpy!!.


We have enjoyed our early morning walks with ‘Puppy’ these last  2 weeks, we have met even more nice dogs and nice dog people than usual, we have enjoyed some toasty cuddles and cleared up some mess too (we won’t mention the slightly grubby protest one night!!) and it has been a complete pleasure.

The ‘Pupmeister’ (or ‘Pupinsky’, ‘Pupster’ or any other similar versions) has some typically obsessive terrier characteristics that do make you wonder at what is happening in that little noggin?  BUT, that is one of the reasons why we like terriers!

what’s in there?

He has wonderful ears, breath that could floor a man at 10 paces and big old chocolate button eyes that are not without some wounds from taking on the odd rat or two! He is also a great dog shaped shadow; following me around every second he was able to and risked being squashed when I changed tack.

He also makes THE best foot warmer ever!

Me? I’m up to nothing at all!!

If you sit still for more than about 2.5 seconds, there is a gentle sensation around one of your feet. Nothing much to start with but slowly that gentle sensation becomes more defined and eventually has some weight behind it. Finally, a little tan butt has backed up to your foot and lowered itself down to keep from getting cold.

Can’t say I blame him, he is very close to the ground and it can be mighty draughty down there.

house mates

His biggest challenge these last 14 days or so have been hills!! He is a fit little dog and always has been; there are signs of a little thickening around the waste but I’d say that is all about being relaxed and at ease with yourself when you get to ‘Pup’s’ age but boy does he hate climbing a hill!!

The reason is simple geography!! The ‘Pups’ has spent ALL of his life on the lincolnshire fens and you just don’t get hills there. His greatest challenge when it comes to changes in level are usually

a) can I get on the sofa?


b) can I get into the car?

After 10 days though, he is scampering up those hills after his tatty old tennis ball and not bothering a jot that the hill is probably bigh enough to be 100 of him stacked on top of each other.

My sister is getting a hill trained athlete back into her house.

the three terrierteers!

I wonder if it is too late to enter him for the Jubilympics?


2 Comments on “house guests”

  1. thewienertakesitall says:

    Aah I love him, he looks like a very distinguished gentleman 🙂 x

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