a new chair

newly painted chair

A house near us was getting rid of a few kitchen dining chairs and they were outside for the taking.

I love a bit of free cycling and have been searching for spare chairs that could be set side but would be called upon when the numbers around our dining table burgeon beyond the daily capacity.

Not wanting to be greedy, I only took two of them but didn’t check them first. One of them is broken so I only have the one to recycle now.

That’s OK though as it fits with the idea of the chairs that temporarily join those usually around the table would make a mixed up, harlequin set and the 3 bedrooms would have a different chair in each.

covering the blue

Although we have some blue accents in our bedroom, they are gentle and the blue on the chair had to go so I painted it in an off white that I think is called Midnight White (Wilkinson’s eggshell or satinwood) which is the same as the other painted chairs around our kitchen table.

first coat completed

The raffia seat finish softens the hardness of the white on such a simple chair design. The painting isn’t of a professional standard by any stretch of the imagination and I confess to having no patience for painting and decorating but that is fine, I want the finish to naturally acquire that shabby chic kind of look where an odd chip that reveals the furnitures past lives is a welcome and interesting feature.

rail detail

This chair eventually cost as little to decorate it as it did to acquire it as I used up the last drops of a tin of paint we already had left over from last chairs I decorated and we had the paint brushes already, so no cost and a nice new chair.

I’m pleased with the results.


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