a playful weekend


We had our lovely friends M&V stay with us last weekend and they brought the gorgeous Agnes with them.

Agnes is a rescue saluki cross lurcher that came to them as a pup.  She is a complete star and absolutely beautiful.


Max and Agnes love each other quite a bit!

They are an unlikely line up; one is leggy, very pretty & quite graceful, the other is short, stocky and a bit clumsy.  That is one of the many things that I love so much about dogs; it doesn’t matter what shape, size, creed or colour you are!

They play endlessly between rejuvenating slumbers and Max does his best nuzzling moves on Agnes to get her attention. It is very cute and completely engaging to watch.

They get to see each other when we are eating at one another’s homes (no need for the dogs to miss out!) or in the park walking but we haven’t had the chance to spend a weekend away together since Agnes was a pup.

and they’re off!

They have run themselves ragged and had THE most fabulous time doing it.


Max is pretty fast for a terrier and has come second at Woodlands Farm Open Day Terrier Race twice on the trot.

Agnes, however, is in a completely different league and left poor little Muss standing on more than one occassion. Not one for declining a challenge, he has a good go but Agnes is as fast as lightning when she changes up through those gears!

I’m sure she keeps a lid on it just so her stumpy little pal has a chance of keeping up but then every now and again she throws a move and reminds him of her incredible speed and agility.

now what?

What fun and none of us can wait to do it again!


2 Comments on “a playful weekend”

  1. Max, bless him, looks like Superman. And come to think about it I think he must be those little legs are keeping up with his “giraffe” friend in quite an amazing way.
    LOVE IT xxxx

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