olympic fever

team GB flag

I was worried!

Before the start of the olympics, I really had some grave concerns about whether Great Britain would finally lose the Great and either London would not be ready for the visiting nations or that things would just go very, very wrong and it would be a huge embarrassment.

team GB lion – I love the lion logo so much

The transport links, the notoriously tardy UK construction industry & the sometimes miserable nature of our citizens could see the whole experience be dreadful for all concerned.

As those who exit the city for the summer made way for those who arrive for it, there was a lull of about 2 days where a tube journey or a drive across town was relatively stress free.

john lewis window display

Then those here to spectate whilst the world’s olympians aired their wares started to arrive in their numbers and the tubes got busy again. Dotted amongst them were the tell tale olympic staff and volunteer’s uniforms quietly going about their business and our proud and amazing forces drafted in to fill the gaping wound left by G4s security appointment for the games.

Surely this was just the start of it all unravelling pretty much before it had even started?

especially for Jess Ennis

Danny Boyle’s brilliant film mind applied to the spectacular opening ceremony provided a welcome blanket of comfort and Stella McCartney’s great success in the world of fashion did mean that at least our competitors wouldn’t look like clowns in their official kit.

But would it end there and the humiliation begin.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect any humiliation from our competing Team GB as I know we have a great line up of sporting talent but if the facilities, the security and the organisation of the games themselves was a shambles, they’d never get their chance to shine.

Max doing his bit

The opening ceremony was awesome and I don’t think even the acute precision of every move in the Beijing Olympics or the sun that bathed the Sydney Olympics can compare with how incredible it was as a visual experience.

So, after all those misgivings and worries about how we would cope, imagine my amazed delight to be riding the wave of the London 2012 olympics and its ENORMOUS success?

jaunty Team GB paralympics scarf

All the pleasure has been vicarious as we have not been able to get any tickets for any event no matter that both JC & I have tried since the first release last year, the follow up release and any others since to get tickets (for anything) without success.

We have the flags, the scarves and a reluctant mascot for all the celebrating during last week and especially SUPER SATURDAY but we really would like to have been able to go there.

Cup of Tea for Team GB

So, in the spirit of the games, my lovely friend Caroline has given us 2 tickets for the Goalball semi finals on September the 6th so we are off to the Olympic Park’s Copper Box to see some more of our inspirational sports people at the Paralympics. I couldn’t be more excited and grateful.

Thanks Caroline, Natalie & little Drew



4 Comments on “olympic fever”

  1. Max has just reminded me of Eddie, from the TV series Frasier. He’s gorgeous 🙂 Have a great week! Avis x

  2. thewienertakesitall says:

    Being patriotic suits Max!!

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