the sweet spot

that’s it, right there

Max has itchy skin because of his allergies and often when people stroke him they think they have found that special spot that all dogs have that make them scratch involuntarily.

Unfortunately for Max it is usually just his poor overly sensitive skin reacting to the touch and immediately becoming itchy.


His skin is pretty good at the moment and his allergies aside, Max, like all dogs does actually have a sweet spot; that strange unique area that makes legs move involuntarily, faces gurn like toothless gnarls and his body squirm like a snake pit when you get onto it.

yes, go on!

Max’s sweet spot is at the base of his tail and he pulls the funniest faces when you find it.

ooh ooh

It is endlessly entertaining to see such ecstasy especially when he can suffer so much.

I swear his eyes glaze over with the sheer joy of it.

right there

If you happen to be the person he is sitting on when he is treated to this ‘massage’ of sorts, his claws start digging in, his torso goes rigid, his head goes back and he starts licking his lips.


It is very funny and he will stay in this position for as long as you care to keep it up.


One Comment on “the sweet spot”

  1. thewienertakesitall says:

    Bless him, his face in these pictures is hilarious! Mort’s sweet spot is on his chest – he immediately pulls a funny face and starts thumping his back leg. It’s a source of endless entertainment in our house!

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