massey ferguson outside dad’s

there is something very lovely about old tractors….

where my dad lives at west barn, there are a number of working vintage tractors dotted around the village and they are so quaint.

ford tractor parked down the road from my dad’s house

I love the simplicity of the shapes and workings and they look so charming, it is easy to see how they can easily become characters in children’s stories.

MF looking in a bit better condition at Deeping show

since my tentative first ventures on pinterest about a year ago (thank you V, it is as inspiring as it is addictive), I have found lots of pinners who have boards where they obsessively collect some fantastic images of certain things. Some are boards full of shoes, some are dogs, others are wedding dresses but there are other somewhat strange souls out there who also like things like tractors, gates and barns.

a blue tractor looking well looked after at Aylsham show

I thought I was on my own, but my weirdness keeps company.

in the leicestershire hills

JC’s godson, Henry has a major obsession about tractors and particularly John Deere.  He’s allowed, and it’s not weird cos he’s little.

Most of the others are american pinners who have my strange taste but the images are fabulous

Even if you don’t love a good vintage tractor, you have to admit they are nice things to look at


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