let sleeping dogs lie

the sleep of the innocent

I don’t think Max is any cuter than when he is tucked up with his favourite blanket and is fast asleep.

anywhere will do

He’s a very easy little dog really, it is just so sad that he suffers with his skin so much.  Apart form that, he is a good eater, a good sleeper and mostly does as he is told.

a scrunched up blanket on the floor

His ability to slumber is fabulous and I am endlessly envious. I am late to bed and early to rise with light sleep between so I don’t think I am doing very well on the sleep front. Humans all seem to suffer one way or another with sleep.

a cushion

Dogs on the other hand have it sussed. They grab 40 winks when they become available, are awake in a flash should the need arise, anywhere is suitable for a kip and there is none of this tiresome tooth brushing, hair brushing or washing business to deal with first.

a cosy chin and shoulder

The sleeping sitting or standing (the standing one that makes me laugh the most though and I’ve seen all dogs do it too).

here’s fine

With a bed or without.

a hammock is a great place to sleep

Hard surface or soft.


They will find the warmest spot they can, be it by your foot or the fire.

the fire is just about the best place

If remotely possible, they will find a way to sleep with you or with something that smells of you.

and if my blanket is here, well!

And no matter how small the spot, if the sun comes out, that is the best place to sleep right now!

any sunny spot

There are many aspect of well cared for dog’s lives that I envy but having sleep on tap has to be the main one!


2 Comments on “let sleeping dogs lie”

  1. What a lovely post 🙂 He’s gorgeous!! Avis x

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