a new lady in the family

little cutie

My sister has two terriers, Hamlet and Heston, that we (& Max) love. Their number has been increased recently by one. They have been joined by a lovely little lady called Fizz (a much more manageable name than the very grand kennel club title with champagne in it).

I’ll lie down; that should help

She comes from a home of friends of ours who’s bitch Poppy had a huge brood of 10 to my sis’s friend’s black labrador Hugo.

err, what are you doing?

Fizz is a little cutie; bold a brass and completely undaunted by 2 terriers, a teenager and a busy household.

if it’s happening; I’m there!!

Puppy is an old boy now (in spite of what his nick name alludes to – he is actually called Hamlet and is about 12 years old!) and although he has always been a bit grumpy, a boisterous young thing in the house has taken his grumpiness to new heights. Needless to say, having come from a large brood Fizz couldn’t give a fig!!

Heston ignored her for a few days, no longer being the youngest or cutest, and although he is laid back and a sweet little chap, he has found her a bit a annoying too. She just doesn’t give up and pesters the bejesus out of him.  Typically, Fizz isn’t remotely bothered and sees it all as a challenge.

let me at it

She is indomitable, incredibly sweet natured, affectionate, brave, cheeky, very gorgeous and still has paws that have that amazingly clean and sweet smell you only get with puppies (and those paws are pretty big so there’s still room for growth).

Sadly the paws will change but her other glorious traits will stand her in good stead for a busy life with lots of other dogs in it. She will eventually work as a peg dog but it’s all about fun at the moment.


Max met her some weekends ago and having been the annoyingly enthusiastic, over energetic puppy himself just four years ago, he now finds this all a bit irritating in others…… for about 10 seconds!!! The he piles in and the fun really starts.

Having found big brother love with the wonderful Bosley, he loved playing with her and while she is still about his size, his strength and weight is an advantage. Just wait Maximus, she’ll be a good few kilos heavier than you soon!


She has grown loads since then and although Hamlet came to stay with us for a few months while she got over her most puppyish stage, I’m not sure he’s any happier about her presence now that he has been reinstated and she still remains endlessly energetic.

His sight is going and he seems to love peace and quiet these days. Bad luck for the poor old chap because there’s none of that with Fizz about!!!

I wonder if he’ll be visiting again soon?

num num!!


One Comment on “a new lady in the family”

  1. cornishtim says:

    Elsie loves your puppy!

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