a day in norfolk


a glorious view

It has been an incredibly busy run up to Christmas and I have finally been able to take a breath.


the guns at the ready for the first drive

Amongst the hard work and long hours in the months leading up to the Christmas break, we were able to get out and about on odd days to enjoy ourselves.


a watery track into a wet, wet field

We spent a particularly lovely day out and about in the North Norfolk Countryside and it was sunny; gloriously sunny and not a raindrop in site!!


cobwebs on the stubble

Apart from the loveliness of the North Norfolk countryside, getting such lovely watery sunshine when the rest of the country was struggling in pouring rain, was quite remarkable.


waving webs

The surroundings were completely stunning and made all the more delightful by a blanket of cobwebs on the stubble that gave the fields a strange shimmer. The photos don’t do it justice but there was a gentle breeze that kept the cobwebs moving in a gentle wave while the sun glinted off it.


the beautiful beech

The day out was a partridge shoot but as always, we were able to enjoy the company, the views, the weather and the work of the dogs as much as the skill of the guns.


baby beech

I love watching the dogs at work. ¬†Whether they are flushing out birds or picking up, the joy that they show in their pursuit is clear to see and they don’t stop until the day is firmly done when they can go home for a well earned rest and a good feed.


a good retrieve

Their enthusiasm is infectious and although they work endlessly hard whatever the weather or ground conditions, it is never more evident that they have fun than when the sun is shining.


searching for a bird in the sugar beet

The dog’s hard work is rewarded by their handlers who love them very much. They invest huge amounts of time and patience in their dogs.


the sun going down in front of a watchful gun

The dogs have good, happy and full lives which is such a lovely thing to see especially when you know there can be such cruelty handed out to these loyal and loving creatures.


walking back to the guns wagon

We finished the day with a cup of tea and a slice of cake along with some happy chatter.


a good day for the cooking pot

Everyone and all the dogs thoroughly enjoyed a superb day out and it really fuels the sole just when you need it.


happy dogs homeward bound