up, up and away

balloon low over local village

balloon low over local village

There are a lot of airfields in lincolnshire. They date back to the war and although they used to send some of our bravest into the skies over germany, they now serve as small commercial or recreational airports for those who want to fly, glide or balloon through the open spaces over the lincolnshire countryside.

This weekend, the weather changed from rain to sunshine and although it is still cold, the sky has been bright blue all weekend and it has brought out the hot air ballon community in it’s numbers to do a bit of sight seeing from the air.

gently moving along

gently moving along

We saw one balloon on Saturday that came down on local farm land and had to be helped. The balloon team consists of those flying but they also have a ground support team following them (like the storm chasers in the states) but I can’t imagine it is always possible for them to be immediately available for every mile of the balloon ride. Yesterday was a landing not necessarily being where it was expected and certainly before the support team arrived.

clear blue winter skies

clear blue winter skies

The one we saw today, stayed aloft and floated across the sunny still skies, over the local farmland and villages until it was out of sight. Hopefully they landed where they wanted and had the help they needed.

heading off in the distance

heading off in the distance

What a superb way to spend a few hours when the sun is shining on a frosty winter morning.


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