a vintage Massey Ferguson tractor in the snow

there is an annual vintage tractor rally that takes part in a field near to our house which we have never really taken more than a passing interest in but JC’s godson Henry has a very keen interest in Tractors and has a staggering knowledge for someone who is yet to be three years old. With Henry’s enthusiasm spurring us on we will be taking much more interest next time the tractor rally comes to town and hopefully we will be lucky enough to get him along when it happens next.

an old ford tractor parked up

He was shown around the local farm yard last year and has an impressive knowledge of what each machine does, whether it is the potato grader and a 2 row drilling machine. It left us all quite speechless.

vintage tractor at deeping show

I’m all for having healthy obsessions in the form of interests and hobbies (I’ve been known to have a few myself) so in order to encourage his interest, I put together a scrap book for him.  I have no doubt that at 3 years old he will not have the patience to add much to it (certainly not in an orderly and neat fashion) but it is a vast category which also takes in JCBs and large lawn mowers as far as Henry is concerned.

a McCormick tractor

It has been so much fun starting it off for him. I spent and unreasonable amount of time photographing tractors of all kinds in the rain at Deeping Show last June but it meant I got chatting to some very interesting gentleman and was even asked if I wanted ‘a ride’ by a very handsome young farmer type when I admired the size of his kit!

this year’s John Deere range

Aside from the obvious advantages to my ego, I have found it rather joyful to do the research knowing what delight it will bring a very lovely little boy called Henry.

a new john deere with some serious combing equipment beside it

And it carries on:- I beg, borrow and steal copies of farmer’s weekly, crops magazine and any trade literature I can get my mitts on.


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