Hamlet Hound

he hides his face sometimes when he sleeps

he hides his face sometimes when he sleeps

Hamlet has been with us for about 6 months now and he seems settled, always delighted to see us and he is eating really well.

His appetite has, historically been a barometer for the state of his emotional health (read bonkers!). If he is off his food, he’s not a happy little dog and it signals a decline into a state of madness.

obsessing over a ball

obsessing over a ball

This madness manifests itself in serious grumpiness, cowering, loss of appetite, endless licking (like anything!!), lots of sleeping and lots of barking. I truly believe he shows all the signs of severe misery!!

Hamlet is prone to being grumpy and a grumbler at the best of times but the level increases tenfold if he is fed up. Even when he is happy, he is prone to obsessive behaviour and a ball or toy is guaranteed to bring that out in him. I don’t think some of these things will ever change.

Old age is also starting to present itself and he is slowly losing his sight. There is milkiness to be seen in his eyes now and I think he gets startled and scared easily because he can’t see properly.

He has responded positively to our routine though and I think our relatively quiet and peaceful house suits him very well.

He’s a little treasure and we love having him with us

the ears say it all

the ears say it all

When he is happy, he is a complete joy; he can’t wait for his mealtimes and will take your fingers off for a crumb given the chance, he stands expectantly at the door for his walks, he strides out and is even happy to see other dogs (that almost never used to happen!!!).

We put him on a raw diet the same as Max’s for ease and it seems to suit him, he looks fit and happy, he is slim and full of beans (between monumentally noisy sleeps!!).

He is still fundamentally the same weird little dog he has always been and I’m not surprised my sister misses him as much as she does.

rheumy old eyes

lovely rheumy old eyes


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