dog for victory

sniffing and snorting

sniffing and snorting

Max is not really a digger.

He certainly hasn’t made any unwelcome holes in our garden or started burrowing under the fence in bid for freedom of any kind.

One thing guaranteed to get those little paws peddling at the soil though is a mole hill!

there's something in there!!

there’s something in there!!

There are quite a few around at the moment and even though it has been wet, snowy and freezing cold for what seems like an age, it hasn’t deterred the moles who regularly push up in the middle of a lawn, field or grass verge to the annoyance of almost everyone.

Some of the mole hills that have become crusted over, show signs of additional and more recent activity where there is a little extra pile of fresh earth on the top.



That is going to get max digging……



He clearly doesn’t realise (or care perhaps) that once a mole hill is formed, there is very little chance that the mole will still be in it. He leaps on it with huge enthusiasm and dogged determination before the paws start and the soil goes flying all of which is interspersed with occasional snorts and sniffing (just in case it is still there you understand).

i'll just have another go

i’ll just have another go

If I set my feelings for him aside, and was honest about it, I can’t say that Max is what you’d call much use as terrier. He chases hares & deer when we are out walking, he scuttles off after the squirrels in the park and sees off the pigeons from the garden bird feeder but he’s never caught anything (on the rare occasions he has caught a rabbit it is generally because they are unfortunate enough to have mixxy, poor things).

it's still in there

it’s still in there

His failings are completely disproportionate to the enthusiasm and commitment he applies to digging when it is the task in hand and by that measure, he should be a phenomenal success.

Never mind, he keeps trying regardless of the small fact that he will NEVER catch them.


2 Comments on “dog for victory”

  1. Linda says:

    sounds like our dog!

  2. Linda says:

    but she did catch a mole once and brought it into the kitchen!

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