Horse Boarding

The Dead Pigeons in Round 1 time trials

The Dead Pigeons in Round 1 time trials

Unlike the title might suggest, Horse Boarding is NOT a form of torture.

It is an equestrian sport and it is tremendous fun!!

And what’s more, I can’t believe I have been in the dark about this fantastic sport for the 5 years since it was originated in the UK.

The Dedicated Drinkers

The Dedicated Drinkers

There is a horse boarding association.

They have a Facebook page.

There are national horse boarding championships.

Do or die

Do or die

There is membership, a magazine, courses and endless videos but I still didn’t know about it until yesterday!!

We went to Burghley Game and Country Fair which we have done for a couple of years now.  It is a good opportunity to stock up on all things country and country sports. There is more camo and green clothing than you can shake a stick at but there are also great fun demonstrations and competitions.



We always watch whatever is on in the main ring as we shop, we always check out the dog agility and terrier classes, the birds of prey and we always check out the food village.

We went a lot earlier today than normal and I think that may be why we caught the fly fishing demonstration, bought some (more) green clothing and most importantly managed to catch the Horse Boarding spectacle!!

Do or Die were flying in the time trials

Do or Die were flying in the time trials

I love horses and spent a lot of time around them as a kid. I wasn’t always involved in the proceedings but I was an enthusiastic spectator and helper. As a result of my close dealings with them, I love them, their smell and a lot of horsey sports are of interest to me. I don’t ride anymore, if I could do it all the time, I would take it up again (I really don’t fancy walking like a gun toting cowboy every few months because my thigh muscles have ‘forgotten’ what they are for between times!!) but I don’t have enough time for less demanding things so taking up horses again would be impossible right now.

Anyway, yesterday was soooo much fun to watch. One of the team horses is Lord Atterbury whoh is a retired race horse who was one of only 13 finishers about 4 years ago in the Grand National.

Ross of the Dead Pigeons uses a decoy for streamlining his helmet

Ross of the Dead Pigeons uses a decoy for streamlining his helmet

Apart from Burghley being just lovely as a venue, we already enjoy the horse trials in september and will continue to go for years to come, this country fair and the sandringham one are a great way to get close to the country sports that both JC and I have been involved with since we were kids.

We live in the city now but our weekend jaunts to the countryside allow us to dip into these lovely pass times every now and again.

Lord Atterbury doing his thing

Lord Atterbury doing his thing

We didn’t stay for the 3pm final as the sun had brought a lot of visitors out and it was getting very crowded by lunchtime but we will be looking out for it again and the teams that entertained us so well yesterday.

Good luck in the championships Do or Die, The Dead Pigeons, Kauldren & Designated Drinkers!

6 Comments on “Horse Boarding”

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  2. Jade says:

    It’s probably lucky I don’t have my own horse anymore, or this could inspire a lot of serious injuries! Great post. Jx

    • tinyinc says:

      Thank you.

      It’s very tempting isn’t it?

      I did a gymkhana event for a works christmas bash after years of not riding and although my head knew exactly what should be happening, my body could no longer comply!! LOL!!

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