Thank You Flowers

an open flower head

an open flower head

These gorgeous flowers are sadly finished but they lasted amazingly well.

They are peonies and just about the most perfect choice of flowers for me; they are pretty, not formal looking, they are simple and they are white.



They came as a thank you from V for having Agnes for the day while they were away.

They have been beautiful and lovely to see every day but they were completely unnecessary as having Agnes was so much fun and we’d do it again in a flash.

closed flower bud

closed flower bud

The flowers kept their form and colour and only started to droop 2 weeks or so.

a pretty bowed papery head

a pretty bowed papery head

I think I am going to treat myself to a vase of these every week or so from now on, I love them so much.

2 Comments on “Thank You Flowers”

  1. very lovely peonies 🙂

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