aaaand pounce!!!

there's something in there somewhere

there’s something in there somewhere

I do love the personality traits of a terrier.




They are tenacious, curious, clever, cheeky, opportunistic and thoroughly good fun.




Max is all of those lovely things but he isn’t ‘very’ any of them.


I'm going in!


I’m not sure that will make a lot of sense but what I mean by that is that he has all of the traits of a terrier that make them fun and interesting but he lacks the slight OCD aspect that comes with the intense sense of purpose that they display; he is mostly well behaved, mostly bidable, calm and pretty obedient;  all the good things you expect from a steady dog breed but he is great fun, full of personality, hugely entertaining and quite fascinating.

One thing he does do that I think is very terrier like (and very funny) is a tigger pounce onto something he thinks he has seen moving in the grass verge.   JC’s shots of him doing this very thing the other day, capture it beautifully.

and again

and again

It’s usually a false alarm and it proffers nothing but he gets real height to his bounce and lands with great purpose, lots of snorting and a wagging tail.

I'm going in!!

I’m going in!!

His wagging tail is all we might see of him for a few snorty moment until he reappears looking very pleased with himself, completley unfazed by the effective failure of the task and then trots off to find something else that isn’t really there to pounce on.

and it's mine!!

and it’s mine!!

Hours of fun for everyone!!!


2 Comments on “aaaand pounce!!!”

  1. Love this tigger pounce!! And I have a lot of respect for well-behaved dogs. Sure some people may think they lack a little personality, but at least they don’t drive you insane 😛 If that makes sense. Of course, I’m biased since Donna is well-behaved and sweet and erm, not much else. Haha!

    • tinyinc says:

      he is a little star (aside from my bias) and it makes things very much easier when they behave. It endears them to less doggy people to (which can never be a bad thing).

      donna is gorgeous and I love your photos of her. They are always so beautifully composed and you clearly have an eye.

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