Utility Boot Rooms

I hate mess and things that are untidy need to be out of the way; behind a door or drawer front of some sort if remotely possible.

I love a well ordered, easy to manage spaces

neat and ordered

inspiring – neat and ordered

These spaces in other peoples homes are inspiring and I’m very envious.

colourful and organised

practical – colourful and organised

We have an odd shaped area off our lincolnshire kitchen which was used as a dining space by the previous owners.

It’s narrow and really doesn’t lend itself to anything other than somewhere to dump stuff.  It houses the hoover, dishwasher, washing machine, ironing and has become somewhere to hang coats so it has become our Utility/Boot Room.

coats, boots and many, many other bits

coats, boots and many, many other bits

It is far from perfect but does a sterling job in providing hanging space for a rather large collection of green coats and long boots.  It needs a few things adding such as a  clothes dolly so we can dry the washing without calling on the radiators or having a clothes horse standing in the way somewhere on those wet days when it will be wetter if it was hung outside.

We have a clothes dolly; it is stored in the garage but that is as far as it has got so far.

a sea of green and camo

a sea of green and camo

The space also needs blocking off with a bit or wall and a dipped pine door (that we also have stored in our garage).  The opening is already partly closed off and begs to be finished.

We have made some progress though……

machines and bags and stuff

machines and bags and stuff

It now boasts a worktop where there had previously been none.

It has transformed the space. It provides a valuable and incredibly useful surface for dumping things on such as the dog’s towels, shopping basket, dog leads, binoculars, cameras, wallets, keys and all those other things that we need handy pretty much all of the time.

picnic baskets and blankets

picnic baskets and blankets

I think the dogs feel safer having their beds underneath something when they have a sleep to so I think they like the change.

baskets and storage

baskets and storage

It has worked well so far and I can’t wait for the door and wall to be done so we can close it off from our coats smelling of our last meal and we won’t have to look at all the mess anymore.  Just as it should be!!

There’s a man in the village who I have all my hopes pinned on!

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