New York, New York

                                                                         the guggenheim museum

I was taken to New York for my birthday at the beginning of the year and it was absolutely amazing.

the ramps at the guggenheim museum

                                                           the ramps at the guggenheim museum

I just knew we would love the place and we did. Neither of us has been before so it came with huge expectations having heard so many good things and lots of praise for the city that never sleeps.

grand central station

                                                                         grand central station

We weren’t disappointed.

We were based in Mid Town and we walked everywhere from there. In our explorations, we found that we were covering an average of 11 miles a day but those miles flew by in wonder at all the sites and soaking up the incredible atmosphere.


                                                                                  the oyster bar

There is so much to see and so many choices to make about what you spend your time looking at each day.

Everywhere we went, we were delighted by new things but what thrilled me most of all (apart from the food of course) was the architecture.


                                                                 the streets are paved with gold

Our gorgeous hotel suite looked out onto the Empire State building and the silhouette of this against the sky greeted us every morning and saw us off to sleep each night. It became my favourite building in New York during our trip.

radio city

                                                                                          radio city

We didn’t go up the Empire State building but enjoyed the view from our hotel suite and then from the Top of The Rock.

The Top of The Rock is a great location to view 360 degrees of the Big Apple and we were lucky enough to get some lovely winter sun

flat iron

                                                                                                 flat iron

All the art deco buildings have been lovingly preserved and kept in proud use. They are wonderful feats of engineering and sit side by side with their more modern but no less wonderful young neighbours.

The Empire State Building

                                                                        The Empire State Building

We took over 1000 photos and each one reminds us of something fantastic about the buildings and things around us be it our trip into manhattan, west village or hell’s kitchen. We loved it all.

view across midtown

                                                                    view across midtown

New York is rightly proud of it’s city and I can’t wait to go back.

Statue of Liberty way off in the distance

                                                          Statue of Liberty way off in the distance


One Comment on “New York, New York”

  1. Barb Goodman says:

    Awesome! One word describes it all. Great photography.

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