love bug


love bug biccies

I’m not much of a baker and although I used to love it as a teenager, I don’t have much time for it these days. There is always something I’d rather be doing if I was honest.

a plate of bugs

a plate of bugs

But Valentines Day is a tricky calendar event when it comes to us girls getting for our boys.

fizz and love bugs

fizz and love bugs

My plan was to make some romantic sweet biscuits for JC.  So, I thought I’d spend friday evening making these cute little love bug biscuits.

It was quite therapeutic and fun too although I am clearly short of certain tools such as icing bag and nozzles which meant the icing bug head, tail and spots are painted on with a brush.

half finished love bugs (I like these and will make them like this next time)

half finished love bugs (I like these and will make them like this next time)

Not my best artistic endeavours but they are tasty and look really cute.

shadows of the heart cut outs

shadows of the heart cut outs

Might have to rethink next year though as I’m not sure they went down quite as I had planned. LOL.

Booth Nation

3/4 of the coven

At our fabulous friends Mark and Vicki’s recent wedding, they arranged a photo booth for the reception from Booth Nation.

the coven complete

Apart from being a fantastically fun way to punctuate an evening, it is hilarious to see how buttoned up people are at the start and not so by the end!!!.

new coven member

Each print is the classic photo booth set of 4 black and white shots and they are just brilliant.

the boys and the girls

I have always had photos up on the wall wherever I lived be it student hovel, shared student flat, rented room or anything since and we’ve carried that on in the hall of our london home with a rogue’s gallery of photos. Just about everyone is represented to a greater or lesser extent.

the lovely bride and groom

No matter how long it is since we saw them or how far away they are, it ensures they are right there in front of us. Some are no longer with us and it’s nice to be able to say hello.

more fun and laughter

They also serve as great memory joggers of all the good times, the passing of life stages of all those we are close to and a daily reminder of how lucky we have been with our gloriously mad families and amazing friends.


The 30+ prints we ordered from the night of fun and laughter are now in a huge frame to show off the lovely couple, our lovely friends and a fantastic day.


I have chuckled at each photo while writing this blog and it raises a smile EVERY single time I walk past it.


I proper love you lot!!

ta da!!

happy valentine

I was having a clear out the other day (as I am prone to do so every now and again) and always feel a mix of satisfaction and extreme frustration when I do.

It is simple, whenever I try to be ruthless about some of the things we own that NEVER get looked at from year to year, I end up just tidying them up instead of throwing them out.

You know the things; the books you’ll never read, the pictures you’ll never frame, the clothes you’ll never wear (and may never have done), that wet suit from your one summer wind surfing, your granddad’s gardening stuff and generally ‘things’.

My idea of the perfect living environment is reasonably clear surfaces and I am constantly trying to achieve them but tend to fail!

Anyway, whilst doing the clearing, I came across a scruffy little orange note book filled with very neat schoolgirl writing that was verse after verse of valentine rhymes for the subject of your desires.

It was so funny to see my own self in handwritten form (which would all be done using a keyboard now). Most of them are just cute and quite childlike in their sentiment whilst some are a bit cheeky.  None of them is really saucy or outright sexy (thank goodness since I think I must only have been about 13 when I wrote them all out). I must have thought they were all good! Some even have ticks next to them so I invariably used them!

my absolute favourite is:-

dearest darling ducky 

though behind your ears are mucky

i don’t mind 

cos love is blind

dearest darling ducky

I wonder who the lucky young chap was who saw that scribbled in a valentine card that arrived on his door mat one february the 14th?