love bug


love bug biccies

I’m not much of a baker and although I used to love it as a teenager, I don’t have much time for it these days. There is always something I’d rather be doing if I was honest.

a plate of bugs

a plate of bugs

But Valentines Day is a tricky calendar event when it comes to us girls getting for our boys.

fizz and love bugs

fizz and love bugs

My plan was to make some romantic sweet biscuits for JC.  So, I thought I’d spend friday evening making these cute little love bug biscuits.

It was quite therapeutic and fun too although I am clearly short of certain tools such as icing bag and nozzles which meant the icing bug head, tail and spots are painted on with a brush.

half finished love bugs (I like these and will make them like this next time)

half finished love bugs (I like these and will make them like this next time)

Not my best artistic endeavours but they are tasty and look really cute.

shadows of the heart cut outs

shadows of the heart cut outs

Might have to rethink next year though as I’m not sure they went down quite as I had planned. LOL.


cookie monster

getting close and personal with a delicious cookie

I was having a really tough time recently and my fabulous friend V, who know how to cheer a girl, dropped round a food parcel for me one evening.

cookies and coffee don't get much better

JC took delivery and I was very disappointed that V didn’t come in for a coffee (or a glass of wine!) and a good old chat. What I wasn’t remotely disappointed by was the content of the food parcel.

cookies, coffee and cows!

Oh my, what a chocolate oaty delight. IT was a beautiful little pile of chocolate cookies presented in a baking parchment parcel! I didn’t share them and I’m not abashed to admit to it! They were delicious and cheered me up no end.


A thoughtful food gift with a far reaching affect. As always V, thank you very, very much for the cookies but mostly for the love and thought that they were made and despatched with.