it’s getting hot in here

sleeping sitting up

sleeping sitting up

This recent hot weather is really tough on dogs and it is so sad to hear that there are still people leaving their dogs in cars to die or walking them on hot tarmac until their feet burn and blister.



Our old boy, Hamlet has always loved the sun and used to spend hours on the lawn lapping it up. (He may have been a lizard in a previous life).



He still enjoys it but he certainly gets hot and the heat that we have been getting have seen him struggling. He has a heart murmur too so we have to be quite vigilant and not let him get over hot. he has had odd little funny turns in the past which may be related to his ticker, heat and dehydration so we do as much as we can to try to prevent repeats of these.



In order to avoid the heat of the day I’m getting up at about 5.30 to walk them and JC has been hosing them down to cool them off when it is particularly bad. I’m not sure they actually like this ‘shower’  but it certainly makes them more comfortable as it evaporates out of their coats.

eyeing up the ice

eyeing up the ice

When faced with the prospect though, they don’t seem to appreciate the benefits and they have been known to hide. Max definitely does a runner when he sees the hoes or the tin bath.


no one will see me here

no one will see me here

They even hide after they have been drenched (although I’m not sure what they think that will achieve). Bless!

sleeping in his hiding place in the sweet woodruff

sleeping in his hiding place in the sweet woodruff

Ice cubes in their drinking water have helped and getting them to lick ice cubes instead of gulping lots of water is great for keeping them hydrated without the risk of them throwing it back up.

Max isn’t great at doing ice cubes and tolerates them in his water but Hamlet likes to have them thrown for him to catch and crunch.

catching ice cubes

catching ice cubes

He’s quite an enthusiastic little dog (read bonkers!!) whether it’s going out, chasing a ball or catching a treat so catching ice cubes brings a bit of a wild look in his old eye.

ready for another one

ready for another one

He would stand there waiting for them eternally I think.


As always, hugely entertaining and endlessly funny.

Hamlet Hound

he hides his face sometimes when he sleeps

he hides his face sometimes when he sleeps

Hamlet has been with us for about 6 months now and he seems settled, always delighted to see us and he is eating really well.

His appetite has, historically been a barometer for the state of his emotional health (read bonkers!). If he is off his food, he’s not a happy little dog and it signals a decline into a state of madness.

obsessing over a ball

obsessing over a ball

This madness manifests itself in serious grumpiness, cowering, loss of appetite, endless licking (like anything!!), lots of sleeping and lots of barking. I truly believe he shows all the signs of severe misery!!

Hamlet is prone to being grumpy and a grumbler at the best of times but the level increases tenfold if he is fed up. Even when he is happy, he is prone to obsessive behaviour and a ball or toy is guaranteed to bring that out in him. I don’t think some of these things will ever change.

Old age is also starting to present itself and he is slowly losing his sight. There is milkiness to be seen in his eyes now and I think he gets startled and scared easily because he can’t see properly.

He has responded positively to our routine though and I think our relatively quiet and peaceful house suits him very well.

He’s a little treasure and we love having him with us

the ears say it all

the ears say it all

When he is happy, he is a complete joy; he can’t wait for his mealtimes and will take your fingers off for a crumb given the chance, he stands expectantly at the door for his walks, he strides out and is even happy to see other dogs (that almost never used to happen!!!).

We put him on a raw diet the same as Max’s for ease and it seems to suit him, he looks fit and happy, he is slim and full of beans (between monumentally noisy sleeps!!).

He is still fundamentally the same weird little dog he has always been and I’m not surprised my sister misses him as much as she does.

rheumy old eyes

lovely rheumy old eyes

An Old Boy

max and hamlet

max and hamlet

I have blogged about my sister’s terrier Hamlet before. He’s been around for ever. We think he is about 12 or 13 but no one is quite sure.

His eyes have recently become a bit milky and we think it has affected his sight but he is fit and generally very well. He is, however, very, very grumpy.


having a cuddle

His grumpiness has got him into trouble in the past but it is kinda how he is and that is it. To be fair to him, he is only grumpy with other dogs, he clearly loves people and he especially loves men.  His diminishing sight and overall grumpiness hasn’t been an issue really until recently when Fizz came to join his household.



She’s young and has boundless energy, I think she jumps into view and scares the bejesus out of the old fella. She gets told off A LOT. Add that to the fact that Heston, who also joined this previously ‘one dog’ household is as tenacious in his attempts to annoy Hamlet as Fizz is in her attempts to annoy Heston and the end result is that no one in the household, especially Hamlet, was happy anymore.

We took him for a few weeks at the end of the summer to give everyone a holiday from each other and hoped that when he went home, order would be restored, Fizz would have settled down and the grumpiness would have subsided slightly.  Unfortunately for all concerned, it was even worse.

After struggling for a couple more weeks, my sis & Kit made the very difficult decision that perhaps Hamlet really needed some peace and quite and that a new home might be the ticket for the Old Boy.


He is undoubtedly grumpy and he has nuclear rancid breath that could render you speechless from 20 paces but JC & I didn’t hesitate to offer him a home and told my sis that he could come to spend his dotage with us and Max. He wasn’t to go elsewhere under any circumstances.

Max, our 4 year old JRT, winds him up sometimes and isn’t always pleased about sharing us but we 4 all to rub along fine and have settled into a new slightly different routine but it seems to suit.


There is still enough space for a cuddle on the sofa.

There is still enough space on the back seat of the car.

And there is still enough food to go around.

settling down to an afternoon nap

settling down to an afternoon nap

We have spare leads, spare beds, spare bowls and many more things that have made the transition an easy one. Also, we know Hamlet, he used to come and stay with us for his holidays before we had Max and he absolutely LOVES London.

We are all happy with the set up and I am sure that Hamlet and Max are happy, fit and well in this new arrangement.


My sis called around over Christmas and it was the first time Hamlet had seen her and Kit in a few weeks. He was clearly DELIGHTED to see them and stood at the gate for a while after they had left which gave me a few moments cause for concern.

We subsequently went for a walk with them and a full quota of dogs and everyone had a great time.  Hamlet is still spritely even though he grumbled a few times it was evident that he was enjoying himself. I did think he is probably missing his original pack and you have to ask yourself if you have done the right thing for the old fella.

there will be snoring soon

there will be snoring soon

It was very clear at the end of the walk where he wanted to be and who he was going home with! He practically made a run for it!

He’s on our sofa dribbling and snoring quite loudly as I write!!

a new lady in the family

little cutie

My sister has two terriers, Hamlet and Heston, that we (& Max) love. Their number has been increased recently by one. They have been joined by a lovely little lady called Fizz (a much more manageable name than the very grand kennel club title with champagne in it).

I’ll lie down; that should help

She comes from a home of friends of ours who’s bitch Poppy had a huge brood of 10 to my sis’s friend’s black labrador Hugo.

err, what are you doing?

Fizz is a little cutie; bold a brass and completely undaunted by 2 terriers, a teenager and a busy household.

if it’s happening; I’m there!!

Puppy is an old boy now (in spite of what his nick name alludes to – he is actually called Hamlet and is about 12 years old!) and although he has always been a bit grumpy, a boisterous young thing in the house has taken his grumpiness to new heights. Needless to say, having come from a large brood Fizz couldn’t give a fig!!

Heston ignored her for a few days, no longer being the youngest or cutest, and although he is laid back and a sweet little chap, he has found her a bit a annoying too. She just doesn’t give up and pesters the bejesus out of him.  Typically, Fizz isn’t remotely bothered and sees it all as a challenge.

let me at it

She is indomitable, incredibly sweet natured, affectionate, brave, cheeky, very gorgeous and still has paws that have that amazingly clean and sweet smell you only get with puppies (and those paws are pretty big so there’s still room for growth).

Sadly the paws will change but her other glorious traits will stand her in good stead for a busy life with lots of other dogs in it. She will eventually work as a peg dog but it’s all about fun at the moment.


Max met her some weekends ago and having been the annoyingly enthusiastic, over energetic puppy himself just four years ago, he now finds this all a bit irritating in others…… for about 10 seconds!!! The he piles in and the fun really starts.

Having found big brother love with the wonderful Bosley, he loved playing with her and while she is still about his size, his strength and weight is an advantage. Just wait Maximus, she’ll be a good few kilos heavier than you soon!


She has grown loads since then and although Hamlet came to stay with us for a few months while she got over her most puppyish stage, I’m not sure he’s any happier about her presence now that he has been reinstated and she still remains endlessly energetic.

His sight is going and he seems to love peace and quiet these days. Bad luck for the poor old chap because there’s none of that with Fizz about!!!

I wonder if he’ll be visiting again soon?

num num!!

life’s a beach

oh I do like to be beside the seaside…..

We love Norfolk! We’ve mentioned it before and it was our choice of destination for our minimoon, we have friends that live there, friends that love going there and my sis has just moved there.

We are used to having my sis and niece and their 2 dogs on the doorstep and we really miss them so went to visit today.

in he goes

I’m fine!!

again! (Max obviously thinks he is bonkers)

It was a chance for a catch up, to see their new home and to get out for a nice afternoon walk with the dogs.

Kit, liz’s other half is a Norfolk boy through and through and apart from having a love for this gorgeous county, he also has a pretty good knowledge of the place.  We had some coffee on arrival, a snoop around their lovely cottage (classic flint built with red brick koins at the corners), brunch then a stroll at Oversands.

I absolutely love the coast and particularly our beaches. JC and I used to spend every spare minute that we had walking the Dorset jurassic coast or the hills of Teesdale and Norfolk combines bits from both so it firmly has my affections.  Add to that, long sunny days spent running around naked on Holkham beach when we were kids, and I am a bit smitten. Oh to be able to afford to retire and move there for a life of loafing!!!!!

I’ll get it

it’s just there

it’s moving away (notice max has scarpered)

got it!!

I’m fine!!

I’ll just surf in, ok?

see, I told you I’d be fine

These brief interludes are not quite enough but they are so glorious.

There seems to be a long period between low and high tide and the amount of water being moved by the tides at the moment which sounds like they must be on spring tides (all connected to the phases of the moon). I know things like this from my diver coxswain days scuba diving and boating around the british coast (that’s a whole other post!!). Anyway Kit and Liz disagreed on when we should walk but we were ready to go when we were ready to go.

all mine

The tide had just started ebbing but with no real urgency which Kit had warned us might be the case (you see, local knowledge) so we had a bit of scrambling rather than a walk on the way out and we didn’t stay dry!

Needless to say the dogs absolutely loved it and didn’t give a single jot about the tide.

there ya go!

I have blogged about my sister’s fabulous but elderly terrier Puppy (official name Hamlet) who is about 12 years old. He is an interesting character and typical of a terrier which means he is not necessarily an easy dog.  Heston, who is my sis’s other dog (a 2 year old border terrier) and Max (who was 4 in July) are ‘young pups’ relatively speaking.

I ‘SAID’ it was mine

That’s as maybe but the old boy is far and away the braver of the 3.  He tackles impossibly large rocks, he has survived an unexpected tussle with an attacking badger, despatched more rats than you can wag a tail at and he has also survived a kidnapping by a local camp of gypsies.

He loves the beach as I think we all do but throw something into the waves for him to retrieve and he enjoys it even more.

I’d better keep it over here

He really is fearless in the waves and just when you think he is out of his depth and could be in trouble, the little chap just surfs back to the beach to do it all over again.

I actually think that he would do it until he dropped like a stone.

I’ll have this too just in case