sandringham game and country fair

On our way home from a few days away, we called in to the sandringham game and country fair.

It is one of a number of similar heritage fairs that are put on across the country and like the burghley game and country fair which we went to in May, it is full of displays of working dogs, raptors, ferret racing and many many interesting stalls to buy this ‘must have’ countryside items.

The idea is that they present some of the old skills and countryside pursuits to generate some interest in these buying arts. some of them can’t be seen easily anywhere else and it is particularly good to have the mall collected in one place, brit chainsaw sculptures, a prospectors camp or the art of building a timber framed house.

We watched the brass bands perform in one ring, the gymkhana teams whizz up and down another, a stunt motorcyclist and then settled down to be entertained by a chap showing you how to work with ferrets as a means to catching rabbit for your tea.

I’m sure that unless you are a bit of a ferret enthusiast, a display of hunting with them would be fun but not necessarily entertaining.  This one was though. The gentleman in question was of northern persuasion who was very self deprecating and presented with a very dry sense of humour. He was incredibly funny and had a collection of very cute ferrets.

We had a look at the stalls and JC got some new pigeon decoys to try out and then we headed off home.

It is a lovely way to spend a day wandering around catching the different exhibitions, competitions or displays. The setting is stunning and although the weather was a bit blustery, the sun came out and it was great fun.

We are hoping to go to the Hertfordshire Country Fair at the end of september too.

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