a day in fairyland


a day in fairy land

I have a wonderful book that my mum gave me, it is about fairies and it was given to her by my grandad on his return from the 2nd world war.

It is an enormous thing measuring about 350mm x 465mm, more like a presentation than a book to be read at bed time but it is a thing of loveliness.

berry picking

It sits on a shelf in our dining room and it was only when doing a little rearranging lately that I remembered it was there. I flicked through the pages and was reminded of just how interesting it is.

I decided to research it on the internet to discover that it is quite rare and may be of some value. It even has a you tube video showing the plates to music for those not fortunate to have a copy at their disposal.

fairy ring

The dust sheet is still in tact albeit a bit tatty but the pages inside are near perfect and the plates have kept their intense colour beautifully.

a fairy lunch

I don’t remember having it read to me, I think it was kept out of harms reach but I do recall poring over the pages myself at the kind of age when fairies and the like were more in my mind than they would be now.

Even though I am no longer that little person who believes in fairies, goblins and magic, I still like the concept of such fun and the mystery of magical creatures.  I still love to read thing like ‘the lion the witch and the wardrobe’, ‘harry potter’, ‘his dark materials’ and I find this book also lovely to read. The size surprisingly adds to its appeal.

fairy celebrations

It’s a bit of a shame that we lose the innocence and stop believing in these wonderful things once we grow up.

frugal foot forward….

We have been toying with the idea of reducing our outgoings for some time (I must qualify this as it is not a notion shared with my husband) and trying to live a more frugal life.

I already ‘do’ car boot sales and charity shops in the constant search for unusual fabrics for my makes as well as bit and bobs that save a few pennies here and there. I now only read books on my kindle and I read lots but they are largely free. I can make a meal out of just about anything too but I undoubtedly fail in my attempts to be thrifty when it comes in other areas of life.

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White Fang on the Kindle

My lovely husband bought me a kindle at christmas and although he thought it might be a risky gift, he should not have been concerned.

I have always been a reader, since the days that dad used to stand in front of the fire and red the next excerpt from Anna Sewell’s ‘Black Beauty’ to us before bed. We had the everyman library of classics at home but they only really got used if they were being read to us. My sis, brothers and niece are all avid devourers of the written word too.

My true passion for reading really only started in secondary school when my attention and imagination was completely captured by Harper Lee’s ‘to kill a mocking bird’ and Arthur C Clarke’s ‘2001 and space odyssey’ to name but a few.

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