tap it, unwrap it

Every december, my friends & I drive over the northern france for a few days of eating, drinking and catching up.

There’s a bit of supermarche shopping, checking out the local shops and enjoying the christmas market too so it is always a full on fruitful weekend and great, great fun.

roll up your ready made and shaped croissant pastry

Over the last handful of mornings my breakfast has consisted of cured cold meats and cheeses continental style.  It is my absolute favourite breakfast and bringing back the ingredients from our jaunt to France gives it a lovely authentic flavour.

easy instructions

This morning though, I decided on the ‘tap it, unwrap it’ croissants that Kate recommended for ease and that lovely buttery flavour that you can only get from French croissants.

croissant in a tin

It couldn’t be easier:-

you twist the cardboard carton open to reveal the rolled croissant pastry.

all you do then is unroll it, separate the four croissants along the handily perforate lines before roling them into the classic croissant shape

glaze them with butter or egg and in the oven they go.

15 minutes later and you have hot, all butter croissants!  Delicious


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