getting away

So! Where are we going?

Our JRT, Max comes almost everywhere with us. He comes away with us at weekends, around to friends when we are invited and we don’t holiday without him. Destination and accommodation is chosen on dog appropriate and dog friendliness.

The only times he can’t be included is restaurants and work, really.

ready when you are

During the week Max stays at home in the day but only for a few hours at a time. Although we both work, we are very lucky to both work from home mostly and have to be out for only a few hours each time. Even though we are mostly around, our friends Jess and Jeanette pop in a couple of times a day for a quick play and to let him out. I sometimes think he wishes we’d all just go away and leave him in peace for a bit.

come on! what’s the hold up?

When we do have to go out, we leave home having put him to his bed with a small treat and he is perfectly happy.

If we start packing the car, however, that is a completely different matter and that simple task generates a huge amount of doggy activity.

Packing the car simply isn’t allowed to happen without his involvement.  It has to be dealt with.

I’m watching

Given the first chance, he will be in the car making sure that he is ahead of us and we can’t going ANYWHERE without him!

He tries to look a bit casual but there isn’t a single movement that gets missed.

If he can’t manage getting in the car, he positions himself right by the door and is ever watchful

if you move, I’ll know it

Once he’s happy in the knowledge that we aren’t doing anything fun without him, going anywhere without him or that we are doing something that he should clearly be involved in, he nestles into your knee (just to make sure you don’t make a move without his knowledge of course) and doses intermittently.

who moved?

He generally likes having some part of himself touching you at most opportunities but if we are staying away, he keeps up the contact that he starts in the car and doesn’t generally sleep unless he is against mine of JC’s warmth.

Ever watchful, he rouses himself at the slightest shift before sighing and nodding off again.

OK, we’re staying put. Good!

Once safely home, he is happy to take himself off to the quiet corner where his little bed sits and sleep the sleep of the innocent without the need to be touching one of us as we are close by anyway and will be returning soon!

It is very funny and incredibly endearing.  I can’t honestly think why we’d leave him behind!

2 Comments on “getting away”

  1. Marcela says:

    He is adorable. I also plan my vacations depending on dog friendliness places. The only time I don’t take Alex with me is when I have to travel outside of the US, but other than that when I pack my bag, hers is ready to go:) Great post.

  2. chezlah says:

    thank you marcela. and thanks for reading.

    I love the photographs on your posts!!

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